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Quality Guarantee

What does our quality guarantee mean? It is very straightforward: You need high quality translations, and LinQuake guarantees this quality of work for you. We are ISO 17100 certified and a member of the VViN, and we perform our job with care for you and your organisation. What if you are not satisfied with a translation we delivered? Then you can count on us to thoroughly readjust the translation based on your feedback. Without any additional cost.


Quality guarantee by means of a solid procedure

We know that the best result is only possible if we have a good understanding of your request and its context. Therefore, achieving the best quality begins with excellent communication. We will coordinate your short-term and long-term needs by telephone or in person. This will result in a tailored quotation or even full advice, including a plan of approach. In all cases, we will provide you with:

  • A translation process that is tailored to your needs
  • Commitments that will be met
  • Coordination and implementation of the relevant terminology
  • The shortest possible lead times and the fast responses to your questions
  • Access to comprehensive translation know-how
  • The most recent translation technology within reach

Thus, we provide a quality guarantee with each of our translations. Our project managers think along with you, and they can be contacted directly by telephone or email.


The quality of our translators, proofreaders and revisers

A quality guarantee can only be achieved by working with the best translators, proofreaders and revisers. As a professional translation agency, LinQuake works exclusively with professionals in this field. Every linguist within our organisation meets at least one of the following requirements:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in translation or linguistic studies.
  • A Bachelor’s degree along with two years of demonstrable full-time experience as a translator, reviser and/or proofreader.
  • A minimum of five years of demonstrable full-time experience as a translator, reviser and/or proofreader.

In every translation, we will focus on your target audience. The content of every text is analysed prior to the translation, after which we will select the right translators in our network for the translation and subsequent revision. As a professional translation agency, we have a large network of experts in specific domains at our disposal. They each have specialist knowledge in one of the following domains:

  • Marketing translations¬†
  • Legal translations
  • Technical translations
  • Global SEO
  • Sworn translations
  • Financial translations
  • Software translations

Within these domains we offer even more specific specialisations. For example, within the domain of legal translations we employ experts in labour law, criminal law and corporate law, among other areas. Feel free to contact us for more information about your field of business.

These professionals all work in accordance with a fixed translation process that ensures our quality guarantee.


Quality guarantee by means of a proven translation process

Working with LinQuake means working with professionals. However, this alone is not enough for us to guarantee the quality of our work. The ISO 17100 certified translation process makes a large contribution to this as well. Every text submitted for translation goes through a process that includes at least the following five steps.

  1. Technical and linguistic analysis of the source text
    The text is analysed by our translation software. It considers the size of the order and any similarities with the translation memories and existing terminology.
  2. Analysis by the project manager
    The project manager assesses the content of the text and any instructions provided along with the order. Additionally, he or she examines the validity of the included memories and terminology. The achievability of the requested deadline will also be evaluated and determined, if desired, in a consultation with you.
  3. Translation
    The project manager selects the translator based on the content of the order and the translator’s availability. The translator carries out the initial translation.
  4. Revision
    The project manager selects the reviser based on the content and the revisor’s availability. The reviser checks the initial translation and makes corrections where necessary.
  5. Final check
    The project manager checks the final result and contacts the translator or the reviser where necessary. In addition, the project manager uses our QA toolkit to check the spelling, completeness and layout of the translation before delivering it through the translation platform, and storing it in the translation memory.

By consistently going through this process with every order, LinQuake is able to deliver consistency and high quality. This means you will be provided with a guaranteed quality.

What if you are not satisfied with the translation we delivered, despite this? Then you can count on us to thoroughly readjust the translation based on your feedback. Without an additional cost.

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