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The hydraulic tools and systems of Holmatro are used worldwide for rescue operations, industrial applications and special tactics. Holmatro strives to be the ‘best-in-its-class’ and a market leader by using groundbreaking technologies. This is why we have so much in common.

LinQuake strives, just like Holmatro, for the highest quality

After going through a thorough selection process in late 2015, LinQuake was chosen as the exclusive translation partner of Holmatro. At the start of this collaboration, Holmatro chose to have three separate environments for their different business units. Because of this, the costs were easy to manage and we could easily work with separate terminology lists and translation memories for each business unit. This gave each business unit the chance to focus on what was important for them.

"The translation platform is easy to work with and the two-way communication with LinQuake has been great: for example, LinQuake will ask us a specific question if something in the source text isn't clear."
- Petri Zandijk, ‎Senior Marketing Communications Specialist Holmatro

Our added value according to Holmatro

“You strive for the highest quality, just like us. Your expertise adds value to our collaboration and has a positive effect on our communication with our clients worldwide. LinQuake meets its commitments, acts proactively, is trustworthy, and it communicates transparently while giving great advice during the translation process.”

"Quality is something we work on together every day, and the results only keep getting better."
- Petri Zandijk, ‎Senior Marketing Communications Specialist Holmatro

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