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LinQuake is your worldwide translation technology expert. We share this knowledge with our clients. By doing this, the most innovative technology for translations is always within reach.

Online translation platform

Our online translation platform is based on the most innovative translation technology, designed to optimise the processes and the quality of translations. Our clients can access the platform free of charge, anytime they want. The platform offers a lot of advantages:

  • Insight into current and closed orders
  • The shortest possible lead times
  • Higher quality thanks to the built in quality checks (Quality Assurance)
  • Automated quotations
  • Optimum document protection
  • Reporting features
  • Saving and reusing of previous translations (translation memories)
  • Terminology management
  • Central communication and log for each order

The translation platform is very user-friendly and can be connected to existing systems through an API.

Insight into current and closed orders at a single glance. No additional costs!

Translation memories

All translations conducted in LinQuake’s online platform will be saved in a so-called translation memory. Your translation memory will be continuously updated. Every new text that is ready to be translated will first be compared to this translation memory, in order to reuse previously-translated texts and repetitions in the new text. This will result in consistent translations and will save you costs.


Every client is unique, and so is the terminology that is used in your business. Together with you, we will develop multilingual glossaries that will be subsequently applied. The application of the terminology is checked automatically. Because of this, our translations always match the jargon used in your branch and business.

Would you like to know more about the newest possibilities in language and translation technology?

File types

Your texts are often published in various file types. Press releases are written in Word, while brochures are created in InDesign and presentations are developed in PowerPoint. File types like Excel, CSV or XML are ideal for product descriptions. LinQuake can not only translate your texts in all of these file types, but also in 70 others. The layout of your texts will not be altered.

HTML and other codes

Are your texts often part of your software? Or would you like to translate a text that has been published on your website? This may seem a bit tricky, since these texts may contain HTML and other codes. This is not a problem for us. We can translate your texts and preserve the codes.

By preserving the HTML codes in your texts, you can publish the translations very easily. That is convenient for everyone!

Quality guarantee through Quality Assurance (QA)

LinQuake guarantees the high quality of all translations that it carries out via the ISO 17100 certified translation process. The automated Quality Assurance function is a part of this certified process. It checks the spelling, spacing, terminology, punctuation and layout of the text, very precisely and easily.

Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) tools and Machine Translations (MT)

The majority of our solutions focus on the ultimate combination of professional translators and translation technology. We therefore make use of software for Computer-Assisted Translations, commonly known as CAT tools. If there is enough multilingual data available, we can also offer you a Machine Translation (MT).

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