A LinQuake interpreter will professionally translate a spoken text. You have come to the right translation agency if you’re looking for a sworn interpreter for a notary to execute a deed. We can also provide you with a team of interpreters for your conference.

Professional interpreting services

If you need a professional interpreter, LinQuake can help you find one. We will also make sure that you can work with them in the most efficient way. We will ensure that you can access interpretation services at the right time. We only work with experienced interpreters who have the required knowledge to professionally translate your conversations. A professional interpreter can be useful or even necessary in many different situations. Here are a few examples:

  • Executing a deed with a client that speaks a different language
  • A visit from a client, or when you are visiting someone
  • Negotiations and internal meetings
  • Conferences, symposiums or similar large-scale gatherings
  • Various procedures involving the Public Prosecution Service, the Immigration and Naturalisation Service or the police
  • All language combinations

    We ensure that you have one single contact person for all interpreting services you need. For each separate situation we will help you determine the required qualifications of the interpreters. LinQuake has the know-how and the worldwide network required to fulfil this commitment. From English to Estonian and from French to Farsi, we will make sure that you get a professional interpreter.

  • Sworn interpreters

    In the Netherlands, sworn interpreters are registered in the Dutch register for sworn interpreters and translators. In addition, the sworn interpreter has sworn an oath in court. By swearing the oath, the interpreter commits to high standards concerning quality, integrity and confidentiality. By choosing a sworn interpreter, you can feel confident that you are dealing with a dedicated professional. On top of that, LinQuake will ensure that the selected interpreter obtains enough knowledge of your field and the conversation topic before the interpretation.

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Conference interpreting

A conference interpreter has been trained to perform interpreting services during (international) events, for example conferences, symposiums, seminars and meetings. We always work with interpreters who have years of experience and who meet the highest professional standards. They frequently act as interpreters both by government order and for national and international companies.

Interpreting facilities

If you would like to work with an interpreter for a conference or a guided tour, high-quality technical facilities are very important. For example, interpreting booths are useful for many events, and a portable system is recommended if you wish to provide a tour for people who speak different languages. Using these tools, you can make sure that everyone can hear what is being said in their own language. With minimum effort, only practical headphones and a small receiver are needed.

  • Simultaneous or consecutive interpretation

    A conference interpreter will usually interpret simultaneously. This means the interpreter is able to listen and translate at the same time. This can be used for an interpretation in a small gathering (even one-on-one by whispering), but it can also be done on a large scale with purpose-built technical tools. In consecutive interpretation, the spoken text is translated in summary sentence by sentence. Simultaneous interpretation is generally used for conferences because it involves no loss of time.

  • The specialisation that fits with the job

    All interpreters in our network are professionals, but not every interpreter fits well with every interpretation job. In conferences, simultaneous interpretation is required, but for the execution of a deed, consecutive interpretation is also an option. What is the content of the texts to be translated? Based on that, we select a professional with knowledge of, for example, medical terminology or someone with a legal background. This will ensure an adequate translation.

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