Multilingual copywriting

You are about to do business abroad (or are already doing so) and you want to reach your target group. By offering attractive, unique content in your clients’ or prospects’ native language, you can truly reach them.

What is copywriting?

Captivating and attractive communication is what you need to reach your target group. If you manage to reach your audience and keep them interested, you can entice them to action. That is how you turn an audience into clients. What is required? Copywriting skills. And that is exactly what we can offer you. Copywriting involves writing offline or online texts for commercial purposes. The difference compared to writing ‘regular’ texts is the call to action (short-term or long-term). You can employ copywriters to write texts such as:

  • Blogs
  • Websites
  • Email newsletters
  • Advertisements
  • Brochures
  • Leaflets
  • Flyers
  • Advertorials

Why choose multilingual copywriting?

If you do business abroad, your copy in other languages must also be captivating and easy to read. Of course, there is the option of having your existing content translated. That is a good option if you wish to retain the content and style of the texts in other languages. However, if you prefer unique content, it is a better option to have the texts written directly in the intended language. This will ensure that the text is written with a specific target group in mind. Translation results in texts with equal content, whereas multilingual copywriting may result in more variation in content and style across the other languages. And that is exactly the way to achieve unique content. Thanks to our large network of international copywriters we can provide attractive texts in all languages.

Would you like to learn how to approach your own copywriting process?

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Extensive process

We, as a translation agency, will take on the coordinating role in the copywriting process. This way, you get a single contact point for all languages. Copywriting is a major part of your international communication. That is why we follow a detailed process in which LinQuake has a clear coordinating role. This process consists of several steps that include a role for all parties involved.

  • The assignment starts with an intake during which we together discuss the ins and outs of the assignment. What is the purpose of the copy? Who are your target audience? What is your preferred style? Should the copywriters meet any specific criteria? Does the copy have to be written on-site?
  • After this intake we will jointly make concrete project agreements. Then we will draw up a detailed briefing for our copywriters. One of our project managers will be appointed as your point of contact.
  • For each language we will have two copywriters work on the assignment. The first copywriter will write the texts based on the briefing and your preferences. The second copywriter will thoroughly check the texts on spelling, grammar, syntax, and, if desired, style. We consider the following selection criteria for the copywriters: domain knowledge, linguistic expertise, experience, match with your target audience, stylistic match, etc.
  • The project manager will check the copy on form, layout, number of words, and other aspects.
  • We will then deliver the copy to you. We always ask for your feedback or approval. We consider it important that the copy is checked on content. This allows us to process your feedback and achieve an optimal result together.

Results measurement

After the copywriting assignment has been finished and the content has been placed online, you can opt to have us measure the results and make adjustments. For example, we can measure different versions of the same text, or measure the results based on the (increasing) number of website visitors. We will be pleased to discuss this with you.

Content strategy

If you are wondering whether multilingual copywriting could be of interest to your business, we will be happy to contribute ideas about a possible content strategy. A content strategy may be a part of your full marketing plan. In this context, we view content as a possible marketing tool rather than an objective in itself. In a content strategy we describe the type of content, the appropriate channels, the target audience and the desired results. Having the right content in place contributes to achieving your marketing goals.

Rewriting web texts

If you wish to write your own texts, or if you have written them already, we also offer you the option of search engine optimising them and/or making them more enticing. We can rewrite them for you.

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