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As a translation partner, LinQuake Translation Services helps its clients to grow by saving them time and removing language barriers.

Our team

Every day, LinQuake focusses on being the best partner it can be in the field of translations. Our employees are committed professionals with an eye for our clients’ best interests. The top priorities of our team are quality, integrity and finding solutions for our clients. Would you like to work for LinQuake? Take a look to see if there are any vacancies.┬áIf not, feel free to submit an open application.

Personal and accessible

LinQuake Translation Services believes in a combination of technology and personal contact. Our clients benefit from the newest translation technology, which makes organising the translation work very easy. Should you be struggling with a complex file or if you have any questions about a text, our employees are only one call away. Our project managers will provide assistance where needed and can be contacted personally. View our working method in 6 steps.

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Who are we?

LinQuake Translation Services was established in August 2013. Our goal is to make the most innovative solutions in professional translation accessible to our clients: both SMEs and multinational companies. In the course of time we have built up a solid base of clients who place their trust in our services, quality and know-how. Our team has grown strongly in recent years and intensively works together with more than 700 freelance translators.

What makes LinQuake unique?

Our specialist knowledge, the fact that we can offer you one contact person for all language combinations and domains, and the newest technology in translation services. Thanks to this combination we can translate your texts quickly and into any desired language. Click here to learn more about our working method.

Quality Guarantee

At LinQuake, each translation is checked and corrected by a second translator (the reviser) and by one of our project managers. The technology we use actively helps us to check the quality of our work. That is why we can give you a Quality Guarantee for each translation. You can be assured of translations of the highest quality.

Clients in the Netherlands and abroad

LinQuake offers relevant solutions for clients in the Netherlands and abroad. We are always within reach thanks to our online translation platform. We visit clients from Maastricht to Groningen and from Haarlem to Flushing. We are also the preferred partner of companies in Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States.

LinQuake Translation Services has clients in all large cities in the Netherlands, including:

LinQuake as a guest blogger

We are always happy to share our knowledge of language and translation. Are you looking for a guest blogger who can inform your readers on translating texts, subtitling videos or utilising translation machines? We will write these blogs for you free of charge.

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