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LinQuake Translation Services provides high-quality translations with short lead times. At our company you receive a Quality Guarantee. We can offer this because we work according to the ISO 17100 certified translation process. Our specialised project managers perform strict quality controls and are able to support you with professional advice on texts and translations.

Transcreation allows for a translation specific to your company’s needs. Our professional copywriters will rewrite your text while preserving its message. This results in flawless texts that read well and perfectly match your company’s tone of voice.

High-quality content is of the utmost importance when it comes to success in global SEO. To achieve this, it is essential to have profound knowledge of the target language, culture and the keywords used in that particular country. LinQuake Translation Services has the required knowledge and tools to make sure your content meets these requirements.

You are planning on taking your business international (or are already doing so) and you want to optimally reach your target audience in other countries. To optimally do so, it is essential to offer your (potential) clients content in their mother tongue.

A professional translation agency like LinQuake can help you do just that.

With online video content, you can share a lot of information in a short time. Moreover, videos offers an excellent way of keeping your target audience’s attention. For international audiences, you obviously want to translate this video content their own language, often in the form of subtitles. In your own language, the message is even more powerful and also easier to find online.

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About LinQuake

LinQuake was established in August 2013. Since then it has grown into a professional translation agency with a team of specialists. We were able to grow this quickly because of our distinctive positioning in the market as an innovative partner for our clients. From the very beginning LinQuake has been using the newest technology available worldwide. And we have always focused on maintaining excellent relationships with our clients. This combination results in high-quality services and a very high client satisfaction rate.

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LinQuake is by far the best translation agency we have ever worked with. Super-fast service, competitive rates and the translations are always right the first time. What sets them apart is the attention with which they accept and carry out assignments, and this is reflected in the quality.

Kim Jansen geeft LinQuake een score van: 5

Excellent communication with LinQuake. It's quick turnaround and they are never shy about looking at options if you need something quickly. Whether it's product texts or entire website content, you've come to the right place!

Arnout van Nieuwaal geeft LinQuake een score van: 5

LinQuake is a translation agency that combines professionalism with a personal approach. Complex issues are handled quickly and professionally. LinQuake is also constantly working on innovation in the world of translations. Highly recommended!

Daan Schoofs geeft LinQuake een score van: 5

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