Translation services in the Den Bosch region

LinQuake is active throughout the Netherlands, but has its office in Udenhout (in the municipality of Tilburg) at Nijverheidsweg 23d. We supply business to business services and we prefer to engage in a profound partnership with our clients as their personal contact point for all languages. Some of our clients in the Den Bosch region are HMS Contact Centers, Swan Products and Brand New Journey. These clients know that they can count on our expertise for all language combinations.

What makes LinQuake unique?

Firstly, LinQuake provides you with one single contact person for all languages, and specialist knowledge. Secondly, LinQuake provides the latest technology for translation services. And finally: we are always available for all your questions. Thanks to this combination we can translate your texts quickly and into any desired language.

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About ‘s-Hertogenbosch

Den Bosch is the capital of the province of North Brabant, but in terms of population it is only the fourth city of the province. The whole municipality has a population of about 150,000. The official name of the city is ‘s-Hertogenbosch, but the name Den Bosch is older. During carnival, the city is called Oeteldonk. The city is well worth visiting, with remarkable buildings and places such as St. John’s Cathedral and the medieval city centre.


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