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Translation agency for professional translations

Choose LinQuake Translation Services to take any language-related work off your hands. We provide a full range of professional language services. We can offer you a partnership that includes solutions in every possible language. LinQuake Translation services will act as a natural extension of your organisation for various services, for example translation, copywriting, transcreation and SEO.

We use the latest technology in the field of translation. And you can always personally contact LinQuake’s employees for answers to any questions you may have.

"It's nice to have a partner with whom we can talk about the optimal process to fulfil our company's needs."
- Ingrid Rutjens, MarCom and PR specialist at Vogel’s

Professional translations

LinQuake Translation Services delivers high-quality translations according to the ISO 17100 standard for translation processes. Your texts will be translated by professional translators and checked by professional proofreaders. Moreover, our specialised project managers carry out very strict quality assurance on all assignments. That is why we provide a Quality Guarantee for our services.


Transcreation means translating a text specific to your needs. Our professional copywriters provide flawless texts that read well and match perfectly with your company’s tone of voice. If done correctly, the transcreated text will evoke the same associations and emotions as the original.


If you are on a smaller budget, or if you have texts that have already been translated, we can provide professional proofreading of your texts. You can be assured of high-quality texts thanks to an extensive check by our professional translators.

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Video translations: subtitles and voice-overs

“Content is king”, but content is more than just a written text. Over the past few years, the demand for content in the form of videos has been increasing rapidly, both in the Netherlands and internationally. LinQuake Translation Services can add subtitles to your videos, even on your YouTube channel. We can also provide professional voice-overs in every language.

Consultations on your translation process

Have you been translating your own texts for years, and would you like to know how you could improve these translations? Please contact us to see how you can optimise your translation process. Based on thorough document analysis and our knowledge of the market, we can save you time and/or expenses.

If you would like to have unique content in all the countries where you operate, a translation alone is not enough.

SEO copywriting

Writing an attractive text certainly involves craftsmanship. In addition, a good text is extremely important for optimal online findability. LinQuake Translation Services helps you to write your SEO message so that not only your partners will appreciate it, but Google as well. This can be done in Dutch and English as well as in many other languages. The result will be optimal for both the reader and the search engine.

Global SEO

High-quality content is of the utmost importance when it comes to success in global SEO. You need a profound knowledge of both the target language and the culture to determine your keywords. LinQuake Translation Services has the required knowledge and tools to make sure your content meets these requirements.

Multilingual copywriting

Want to go the extra mile to reach your clients and customers in other languages? Then multilingual copywriting could be the right solution for you. With unique content in every language, our professional copywriters know how to reach your clients and customers in their own language.

Interpreting services

A LinQuake interpreter will professionally translate spoken words. You have come to the right translation agency if you’re looking for a sworn interpreter for a notary to execute a deed. We can also provide you with a team of interpreters for your conference.


A translation machine will not produce an error-free translation. Error-free output should therefore not be a requirement if you opt for machine translation only. If it does need to be error-free, you can choose to have the machine translation edited by a professional translator or proofreader. This is also called post-editing. In summary, there are three options after a machine translation: no editing, review (light post-editing) or full post-editing.

Sworn translations

When translating official documents, a sworn translation may be required. Various officials and authorities may request this. One of our sworn translators will carry out your sworn translation. The translation will be provided with a declaration and a stamp from the translator. Then, the translation will be attached to a copy of the original document.

Technical translations

Professional knowledge is very important in order to achieve high-quality translations, especially for technical translations. The more specific knowledge and experience the technical translators have, the better they can relate to your products and texts. LinQuake Translation Services is therefore dedicated to finding the best match based on professional knowledge, for example knowledge and experience in automotive, aviation, construction, engineering, machine construction or transport.

Marketing translations

There are plenty of different fields within the world of marketing and each field has its own specific terminology and style of writing. A marketing text aims to encourage your client to make a purchase, and you want to convey that same power in your marketing translations. We understand that like no other.

IT translations

IT is an extremely broad domain. This means that the texts you wish to translate may deal with very diverse subjects. IT texts typically contain a lot of jargon and specialist terminology. For your IT translations, a specialised translator with the right expertise is important so that your message comes across well.

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We visit clients from Maastricht to Groningen and from Haarlem to Flushing. We are also a regular partner for several clients in Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States.

LinQuake Translation Services has clients in all the larger Dutch cities, including Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Eindhoven, Tilburg, Den Bosch, Breda, Roosendaal and Waalwijk.

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