Proofreading involves checking the linguistic aspects of a text. We provide this service for documents in every possible language. Once we proofread your text, we can guarantee that the result will be top-notch.

Proofreading in all languages

Our proofreaders are linguistic experts with a professional background in the language of your text. They will read and check your texts in detail, so that even the smallest mistakes are corrected. During proofreading, we check:

  • Grammar
  • Spelling
  • Syntax
  • Punctuation
  • Finite forms
  • (Specialised) terminology
  • Spacing
  • Punctuation marks
  • Readability and style

You can choose between proofreading and a complete revision when evaluating a translated text. The only difference between these two options is whether or not the translation will be compared to the original source text. When proofreading a translation, the document is evaluated as an individual text. While when a translation is being revised, it is compared to the source text as well. This is how we correct possible mistranslations.

Linguistic perfection

Proofreading a text can be useful when you would like to know for sure that your text meets the highest linguistic demands. A second pair of eyes can see what the writer has possibly overlooked, and can boost your text by recommending other phrasings to achieve linguistic perfection.

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Our proofreaders and revisers

Since good proofreading is a real profession, LinQuake only works with professionals. Whether you would like to have your text translated, proofread or revised, every linguist must meet at least one of the following requirements:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in translation or linguistic studies.
  • A Bachelor’s degree, along with two years of demonstrable full-time experience as a translator, reviser and/or proofreader.
  • A minimum of five years of demonstrable full-time experience as a translator, reviser and/or proofreader.

Moreover, we continuously monitor the quality of all the work delivered by our translators, proofreaders and revisers.

Feedback and partnership

Partnership and feedback are essential to good service. That is why we like to initiate long-term partnerships with our clients. Only then do we get to know you closely, and act as a natural extension of your organisation.

By proofreading your texts, we can start to put this partnership into practice. We will keep a record of the changes we make and save these in a style guide and in glossaries. By doing this, we can document what we have learned and prevent the same mistakes. We also get to know your preferences, which we can then apply to new projects.

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