Why choose LinQuake IT translation services?

To be able to carry out a high-quality IT translation, knowledge of various subjects in the field of IT is required. That is why we select translators who have a background in IT and are most familiar with the subject of your text. This will help you achieve the desired result.

Moreover, because we work in accordance with the ISO 17100 standard for translation processes, we can ensure that your IT translations will be of high quality. This means that, amongst other things, we always work with two translators. The first translator is responsible for the translation. The second translator then takes care of the revision of that text, making corrections. As an extra precaution, the project manager at LinQuake carries out a QA (Quality Assurance) using software that has been developed for this purpose.

Your advantages as a client of IT translation agency LinQuake:

·  One contact point for all your IT translations from and to all languages
·  Short lead times
·  Professional translation services by an ISO 17100 certified translation agency
·  Extensive experience in IT translations
·  Specialist translators for your IT texts

IT translations

IT is an extremely broad domain. This means that the texts you wish to translate may be about very diverse subjects. Here is a selection of the types of texts we translate on a regular basis:

·  IT press releases
·  Software programmes
·  Cookie/privacy statements
·  Website texts
·  ERP systems
·  Apps

IT texts generally contain a lot of jargon and specialist terminology. We will use the terms that are commonly known to your target group in order to make the translations understandable and get the message across correctly. In addition, we are always able to consistently apply the correct terminology in your texts, using the QA technology in our translation software.

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