Work procedure

As a professional translation agency, we will make the difference for you. We will provide you with a single contact person, translations with a Quality Guarantee and access to the most recent translation technology. And we make sure to get to know you and your organisation, so you get exactly what you need.

Our work procedure as a professional translation agency

We believe that a good understanding of our clients’ needs is required in order to achieve the best results. To gain a good understanding of your needs, we first provide excellent communication. We will coordinate your short-term and long-term needs by telephone or in person. This will result in a tailored quotation or even full advice, including a plan of approach. In all cases, we will provide you with:

  • A single contact person for all your translation-related and language-related questions
  • A translation process that is tailored to your needs
  • The shortest possible lead times
  • Access to comprehensive translation know-how
  • The most recent translation technology within reach
  • A Quality Guarantee on all translations
  • Access to the skills of hundreds of professionals
  • Services from an ISO 17100 certified translation agency
  • A working method in 6 steps

To accompany these advantages, LinQuake offers excellent services to all of its clients. Our project managers provide the support you need. You can always contact them by telephone or email.

Online translation portal

One of the largest advantages in choosing us, is the fact that you will gain access to the most recent translation technology. An important pillar of our organisation is the online translation portal in which our project managers work and bring clients and translators together. This secured platform enables us to act as your personal professional translation agency, and gives you access to the following options, among others:

  • Central insight into all ongoing orders
  • Automated quotations
  • A secured online environment for all your translations
  • Glossaries
  • Translation memories
  • Automated quality checks to complement the human revision process
  • And much more

Read more about the online translation portal here. If you would like more information about the possibilities, please contact us.

Our translators, proofreaders and revisers

As a professional translation agency, LinQuake works exclusively with professionals in this field. Whether we are dealing with a translation, proofreading or revision assignment, every linguist within our organisation meets at least one of the following requirements:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in translation or linguistic studies.
  • A Bachelor’s degree along with two years of demonstrable full-time experience as a translator, reviser and/or proofreader.
  • A minimum of five years of demonstrable full-time experience as a translator, reviser and/or proofreader.

Moreover, we continuously monitor the quality of all the work delivered by our translators, proofreaders and revisers.

Experts in all domains

In every translation, we focus on your target audience. We do this by looking into your organisation and your goals. In addition, the content of every text is analysed prior to the translation, after which we will select the right translators in our network to perform the translation and subsequent revision (internal link). As a professional translation agency, we have a large network of experts in specific domains at our disposal. They have specialist knowledge in domains such as:

Within these domains, we offer even more specific specialisations. For example, within the domain of technical translations we have experts in the automotive sector and in electrical engineering. Feel free to contact us for more information about your field of business.

Guaranteed confidentiality

As a professional translation agency we are a member of the VViN (the Dutch trade association for interpreting and translation agencies), and we employ their terms and conditions . Among other things, this means that we are committed to treating all the information you share with us with the utmost confidentiality. We not only say that we will treat your texts with the utmost care, but we also confirm this in writing. Our external translators also work within a contractual framework, which contains strict agreements on confidentiality. In cases where this is required for your project or organisation, it is always possible to sign an additional NDA or confidentiality agreement.

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