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Marketing translation services

You are calling in a marketing translation agency because good internal and external communication in all languages highly matters to you. As a company, you want to have a professional image across the board because that allows you to develop good relations with clients, suppliers and your own staff, and to effectively bring in new clients. The quality of your marketing texts is crucial in this process; after all, that is how you get your message across to your target group.

Why choose LinQuake marketing translation services?

There are plenty of different fields within the world of marketing and each field has its own specific terminology and style of writing. LinQuake has extensive experience in translating marketing texts. We always select a translator that is the best fit for your text.

In addition, we are able to guarantee the quality of our marketing translations because we work in accordance with the ISO 17100 standard for translation processes. This means that, amongst other things, we always work with two translators. The first translator is responsible for the translation. The second translator then takes care of the revision of that text, making corrections. As an extra precaution, the project manager at LinQuake carries out a QA (Quality Assurance) using software that has been specially developed for this purpose.


Your advantages as a client of marketing translation agency LinQuake:

  • One contact point for all your marketing translations from and to any language
  • Short delivery times
  • Professional translation services by an ISO 17100 certified marketing translation agency
  • Extensive expertise in marketing translations
  • Specialist translators for your marketing texts

Our added value

Every company has its own unique vision, values and communication style. We can help you effectively portray these aspects in your texts. For example, you might have a predetermined translation for a specific slogan or term. Using our software technology, we can save this predetermined translation as a part of your glossary and consistently apply it in the translation of your text. Also, we will always take into account your writing style preferences.

Advisory role

Our expertise in the translation of marketing texts allows us to take on an advisory role in the process as well. We will always put your interests first and, where necessary, we will be happy to help you decide on the most appropriate writing style and choice of words for your texts. In doing so, we will ensure that your text or translated text optimally connects with your target group. We see to it that your communication is unequivocal in all languages, making your company instantly recognisable in every country in which you operate.

Lastly, we will always respect the confidentiality of your documents. We have taken the appropriate security measures to prevent the leaking of important content such as the launch of new products or sensitive business information. In short, your interests always come first.

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