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Professional translations of the content of your texts into every language you need, with personal attention for your company and on top of that, a Quality Guarantee. This is what you can expect from us, and of course we will deliver it within the agreed deadline.

Professional translations

The world of professional translation is highly dynamic, and new technology is being released on a daily basis. Still, when it comes to translating texts, professional translators are required to deliver the highest quality. LinQuake works with experienced native speakers who have a Bachelor’s degree or higher in this field, and/or a minimum of five years of demonstrable experience.

Working with LinQuake provides you with:

  • Professional translations in every language combination
  • Knowledge about language and translations within every domain
  • A Quality Guarantee on all translations, in accordance with the ISO 17100 standard
  • The shortest possible lead times
  • Translation of a large amount of file formats with no layout alterations
  • Professional storage and management of your translation memories
  • Sworn translations

We aim for cost reductions, time savings and the maximum quality with all our clients’ translations.

All language combinations

We will make sure that you have a single contact person for all of your required translations. LinQuake has the know-how and the worldwide network required to fulfil this commitment. From German to Danish and Croatian to Korean, we provide professional translations.

In every domain: specialisation and terminology

Even though your company excels in its field of business, many people will not be familiar with your knowledge. Therefore, it can often be a challenge to translate your specific know-how and daily jargon into another language. We have the solution: specialised translators combined with very recent technology. In this way, our services can fit seamlessly with your needs.

Are you curious about the technology behind our translation process?

  • Quality Guarantee

    How can you be sure that the translations we provide you with have the desired professional level? Because we give you a quality guarantee with every translation. LinQuake has the necessary people and tools at its disposal to be able to confidently claim this.

  • ISO 17100

    Another reason why we have this level of faith in the quality of our translation, is the fact that we have our people and processes assessed each year. This is done by an independent external organisation, which helps us to visualise and measure the quality of everything we do. We are proud of the fact that we are certified according to ISO 17100.

Delivery times and deadlines

Our clients require professional translations, but there is not always much time to complete them. You may have a tight deadline because the text is important, and you want to share it with your clients or suppliers as soon as possible. LinQuake is very capable of adjusting to this pace. Our extensive network and sophisticated translation process allows us to adapt quickly, limiting the loss of time to the absolute minimum. Moreover, we will gladly turn your challenge into our challenge. Our basic principle is: If we don’t meet the deadline, no one does.

File formats

Translations are our core business, but we also consider the way in which we deliver them as important. LinQuake is able to translate more than 70 file formats without altering the layout, making your document immediately ready for use in all languages. This is easy if your source text is a Word file, but we can also translate and deliver your PowerPoint, InDesign and other complex product files, in the same layout as the source file. We will gladly take on the challenge.

Sworn translations

If you need a translation for an official organisation they will often demand a sworn translation, which needs to be certified as such. This may be the case with marriage certificates, wills and deeds of purchase, for example. We are also pleased to help you if this is the case. You will receive the certified document by registered post via LinQuake.

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