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We are always happy to share our knowledge of language and translation. With you, your website visitors and anyone else who wants to learn more. Are you looking for a guest blogger who can inform your readers on translating texts, subtitling videos or utilising translation machines? We will be happy to write blogs for you about these subjects free of charge.

We like to share our knowledge about language and translation

Almost anything can be found online nowadays. If you know how to Google search, you possess an inexhaustible source of knowledge. LinQuake believes in sharing this knowledge by, for example, sharing industry information and instructive (client) case studies. This is why we also provide free white papers on high-quality translation, global SEO, video translation, machine translation and DIY translation.

Another method of knowledge sharing is writing a guest blog. By providing you with an article, we add extra content to your blog free of charge. In return, we merely ask you to mention us as (co-)authors.

What is guest blogging?

Guest blogging is having an external blogger write a blog article and then placing it on your own blog. A guest blogger enriches your blog with (free) informative, relevant content and, of course, gets something out of this as well: sharing their knowledge enables them to draw attention to themselves.

Are you looking for a guest blogger?

We will be happy to tell your website visitors about translating a WordPress website, learning a language, building a translation machine, using translation software, deploying an interpreter or adding subtitles to a YouTube video.

In short, we write about almost anything language-related. We will gladly share a client case or single out a translation error that has come to our attention. Of course, we will take any relevant keywords into account when writing the blog articles, so that they can be easily found in Google.

Would you like to work together with LinQuake? Call or email us to discuss the possibilities. We will be more than happy to get in contact with you!

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