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Everyone does their share

24 March 2020

Dear all,

In the exceptional situation we are currently facing, everyone does their share wherever possible. People are putting in all the effort they can to take care of others. We check on one another more often, stay at home as much as possible, try to keep our head above water and start great initiatives.

We notice that this is a time in which our clients put increasing demands on us; reports and messages must be drawn up and communicated quickly. Times are uncertain and the available information is continuously changing, which has further increased the need for proper communication.

At LinQuake we make every effort to adapt to the changing circumstances and to the changing needs of our clients and suppliers. And we try to lend a helping hand wherever we can. Both professionally and in general, because in these times solidarity and being there for one another has started to play a bigger part compared to recent years.

On behalf of our entire team, I wish you much strength and wisdom. I hope to meet all of you again in good health at a later time.

Dave van den Akker

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