Transcreation in four steps

10 August 2022

Transcreation is the ultimate solution if you not only want to appeal to your international target audience, but also engage them and call them to action. Transcreation means transferring a particular message from the source language to the target language. In this process it is important to keep the message intact as well as your company’s tone of voice and style. In this blog, we explain transcreation in four clear steps. 

It is worth noting that transcreation is mainly used for translating creative texts. Examples include branding texts, advertising texts, slogans and texts containing puns, but transcreation is also used for mobile apps or video games. And there are many more examples we could list. Is the main objective of the translation to write your message in a unique and engaging way, like the original text? Then you should choose transcreation. 

Step 1: A briefing

In the process of transcreation, we begin with a briefing. It is very important that your vision and objectives are clear before we start translating your message. What do you want to achieve with your text? For whom is the text intended? And what is your company’s tone of voice?

Step 2: Translating the source text 

Once we have a clear picture of your vision and objectives, we will first translate your source text into the target language as literally as possible. We do this to ensure that all essential parts are included in the target text and that no important information is missing. 

Step 3: Transcreation 

The translated text and the briefing we prepared together are then sent to one of our professional copywriters. They will see the translated text for the first time without having taken note of the original text. The copywriter will then turn the translated text into a ‘new’ stand-alone story that will appeal to the reader. 

During this process, the cultural background of the target audience is taken into account. The translation is also localised by adding idioms and examples that fit the target language and culture. In other words, your text is edited very freely and creatively to get the message across to your target audience as fluidly and naturally as possible. However, the intention, tone of voice and style of your message are always kept intact.  

Step 4: Revision 

An important final step: the newly written text is checked by a reviser. This is to ensure that the copywriter has not forgotten to include important information or that certain information has been misinterpreted. Once the new text has been approved, a project manager will carry out a final check. Afterwards you will receive an engaging, creative text from us that will certainly appeal to your client.

Tip: before transcreation we always recommend carrying out a keyword research . This way we can also take your international SEO goals into account and help your page to rank high in organic search engine results in no time.


Transcreation in four steps

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