Bib – Ron Leunissen

The Bib translation connects children, both to each other and their parents. It’s a children’s book about a kind giraffe that can be read to toddlers and preschoolers.

In October 2021, LinQuake was contacted by Ron Leunissen, whose hobby is writing and illustrating children’s books. By day he is an educational consultant at Nijmegen’s Radboud University Medical Center. Ron was looking for someone to translate his recent work Bib into Dari and Pashto, the most widely spoken languages in Afghanistan. His goal was for different generations to connect by reading together. A wonderful initiative that LinQuake was delighted to be part of.

Outstanding work and incredibly fast to boot. Everything was delivered in one go. There was no need for any back and forth. The translation was perfect on delivery.
- Ron Leunissen

Bib is a children’s book about a kind giraffe that can be read to toddlers and preschoolers. The trigger to translate the story was a question from his daughter who is a social worker. “Families who are new to the Netherlands don’t yet speak Dutch. Publishing the book in both Dutch and a foreign language makes it accessible to children of both nationalities. This works as a connecting link. Reading this book also helps with learning Dutch.”

A call from the Gelderland South Public Library finally convinced Ron to translate the book into Dari and Pashto. There was no budget available for the translation, so Ron posted a message on social media. And that’s how he got in touch with LinQuake. 

Ron found it a pleasure to work with Linquake. Both he and LinQuake hope that Afghan children will enjoy reading Bib, either with other children of their own age or with their parents!