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Teijin Aramid

Where strength, endurance, safety, heat resistance or a low weight is required, Teijin Aramid‘s aramid fibre or ultra strong polyethylene comes in. Its products are used everywhere in the world in different applications and markets, such as automotive, ballistic protection, the navy, civil engineering, protective clothing, ropes, optic fibre cables and oil & gas.

Careful selection of a translation partner

Teijin Aramid has a large need for translation services and so the company sought a reliable partner. This partner had to be able to translate communications while maintaining the same appealing writing style. In addition, the correct technical terminology had to be applied accordingly in all expressions of the organisation. LinQuake has been taking care of these aspects since late 2016.

Highly specific technical terminology

Because of Teijin Aramid’s specific field of work and products, a lot of its texts contain specific technical terms. “At the start of our collaboration, we delved deep into the terminology we use in English”, says Suzan Wilbers, Senior International Communication Officer. “By working together on these terms, we composed a multilingual glossary in no time, which is now the foundation of all technical translations. Thanks to LinQuake’s people and technology these terms are applied consistently, resulting in technical translations of good quality.”

We carry out multilingual translations as an integrated project now. This produces the desired result within specified terms and with the necessary quality."
- Vicky Henriksen-Delaney, Senior Marketing Communication Officer

WordPress website translation

Teijin Aramid’s communications are published through various channels. One of the main ways to share information is through the company’s multilingual website. “Previously, we organised these translations internally. This turned out to be complex and time-consuming. LinQuake contributed its ideas on how we could solve this together with our IT partner in the most efficient way possible. We carry out the multilingual translations as an integrated project now. This produces the desired result within specified terms and with the necessary quality.”

"LinQuake turned out to be a professional partner in various projects. The quality of both translation work and communication is excellent, and we have a clear vision of our translation costs ever since we started working together with LinQuake."
- Suzan Wilbers, Senior Internal Communication Officer

LinQuake enters into partnerships

We like to provide input about the possibilities to make professional translations easily attainable for you. Feel free to contact us for an appointment.
For more information, go to www.teijinaramid.com.

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