Vion Food Group

Vion is an international food producer with customers around the world. Professional communication is particularly important for the home markets in the Netherlands and Germany. Quality of communication and delivery speed are of the utmost importance. Translations are usually delivered within 24 hours by LinQuake translation services.

Multiple questions, a single contact person

“Our demand is extremely diverse, ranging from press releases and our employee magazine to business presentations and annual reports. LinQuake translation services has a single contact person for all our demands”, says Nancy Aschman, Group Communication Director at Vion. “Clear communication is very important to Vion, which means we want to address people in their own language. We want to be able to reach our employees with relevant business information. In addition, we believe it is important to properly inform our customers, suppliers and the public about our products and way of working.” Vion aims to be the reliable partner within the food supply chain, supplying safe food products to people around the world.

“LinQuake is a natural extension of the communications team. No time is lost in unnecessary processes, allowing us to act quickly.”
- Nancy Aschman, Group Communication Director

Collaboration and short lines of communication

LinQuake created a way of working for Vion that allows every department to request translations separately within a secured platform. In the background translation memories and term bases are shared, while the administrations of the departments are separated. “This makes our collaboration extremely quick and easy. And if there is a request that does not fit within these frameworks, one phone call is enough to find an appropriate solution.”

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