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For almost 45 years, the Dutch company Vogel’s has been developing high-quality mounting systems for products such as televisions, tablets and speakers that are available in the international market. It goes without saying that the texts presented by Vogel’s should be as great as its products. It’s about more than just translating texts.

A translation partner to optimise international texts

Vogel’s was looking for a partner who could help them think about their need for optimised SEO texts for its large international market area. Based on LinQuake’s know-how, we developed an exclusive process, in which SEO and copywriting play a key role. Because the quality of the translations was a top priority, a close personal collaboration was essential in this process.

"It's nice to have a partner with whom we can talk about the optimal process to fulfil Vogel's needs."
- Ingrid Rutjens, MarCom and PR specialist Vogel’s

Our added value according to Vogel’s

We work closely together with our clients to manage and answer their various questions about translations and linguistics. By continuously applying the linked SEO search terms and the translation memories, we can achieve the desired quality level for Vogel’s. The tailor-made client portal for Vogel’s guarantees a very efficient way of working.

"Our quality standards are very strict. However, LinQuake can meet our standards because of their knowledge and technology. We can always contact them personally if we have any questions."
- Froukje Kienhuis, Product manager Vogel’s

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Go to www.vogels.com.

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