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Translation services Eindhoven

Would you like to be able to address your client in his or her language on a professional level? You can do so with the help of translation agency LinQuake in the Eindhoven region! Feel free to visit us and meet our team. Send an email to info@linquake.nl or call +31 (0)13 850 5977.

Translation services in the Eindhoven region

LinQuake Translation Services is active throughout the Netherlands, but has its office at Nijverheidsweg 23d in Udenhout (in the municipality of Tilburg), not far from Eindhoven. We supply business to business services and we prefer to engage in a profound partnership with our clients as their personal contact point for all languages.

What makes LinQuake unique?

We provide you with one single contact person for all languages. Secondly, LinQuake provides the latest technology for translation services and we have an extensive network of professional suppliers. This means that we can translate your texts quickly and into any desired language. To achieve the best result, it is essential for us to have a good understanding of your request and its context. Therefore, achieving the appropriate quality begins with excellent communication. We will coordinate your short-term and long-term needs by telephone or on-site in the Eindhoven region. This will result in a tailored quotation or even full advice, including a plan of approach. In all cases, we will provide you with:

  • A translation process that is tailored to your needs
  • Commitments that will be met
  • Coordination and implementation of the relevant terminology
  • The shortest possible lead times and the fast responses to your questions
  • Access to comprehensive translation know-how
  • The most recent translation technology within reach
  • A Quality Guarantee on all translations.

Our project managers provide the support you need. You can always contact them by telephone or email.

Would you like to know more about what LinQuake can offer you?

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Translating your texts

During every translation job we focus on your target audience. The content of every text is analysed prior to translation. After that we will select the right translators in our network for the translation and subsequent revision. As a professional translation agency in the Eindhoven region, we have a large network of experts in specific domains at our disposal. They each have specialist knowledge in one of the following domains:

About Eindhoven

Eindhoven is the fifth city of the Netherlands in terms of population. It is the largest city of Brabant, and in 2011, the region of Eindhoven was voted the “smartest region of the world” by the Intelligent Community Forum. The region has a strong focus on technical studies and has a large number of enterprises active in high-end technology. Philips and DAF were traditionally the local leaders. Nowadays, ASML and the VDL Groep are the best known enterprises in the region.

Come into contact with a translation agency near Eindhoven

Would you like to learn more about our translation services in the region of Eindhoven? Contact us today. Email directly to info@linquake.nl, fill in the quotation form or call +31 (0)13 850 5977.

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