Kramp is a total supplier of machine parts, technical services and business solutions, as well as a strategic partner for businesses in the agriculture, horticulture, earthmoving and OEM sectors.

Choice for an online translation platform

The product range of Kramp consists of more than 500,000 products, which are distributed in 20 countries in Europe. The large volume of translations required has created the need to set up the translation process in-house. The most important goals of this are:

  • Reducing translation costs
  • Increasing quality
  • Shortening the time to market

In order to achieve these goals, it is necessary to implement a translation procedure and corresponding operating processes. In addition, specialised technology will be required in order to support and optimise the translation processes.

Implementation partner and consultant

After a thorough market survey, Kramp has chosen Wordbee Translator with LinQuake as its implementation partner. This online translation platform offers extensive functionalities, including a state-of-the-art CAT tool. This enables the optimisation of the translation processes in terms of:

  • Quality improvement. For example, by using integrated quality checks (Quality Assurance), translation memories and terminology lists.
  • Reduced lead times. Thanks to highly efficient process completion, the time to market can be strongly reduced.
  • Reduced costs. Costs can be reduced, for example, by reusing previous translations and through process management.

As a local partner, LinQuake translation services has the knowledge and experience to implement the platform and provide consultation about the organisational structure within your company.

“Professionalism and enthusiasm should be a matter of course, but I wish I would come across it more often!”
- Dennis van Bregt, Director DCM, Kramp

Our added value 

“LinQuake has a lot of knowledge about translation technology and translation management in general, but especially about Wordbee Translator. Moreover, LinQuake has a great deal of know-how about the optimal implementation of the corresponding operating processes. As translation process consultant and implementation manager at LinQuake, Pieter helped us implement the online portal in-house within just a few months. This will allow us to achieve our strategic goals in this field in the coming years.”

“With a continual focus on time, budget and quality, the platform has been implemented successfully and to our satisfaction.”
- Jan-Willem Pothof, Manager DCM Development, Kramp

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