BOTS, the trading app by RevenYOU, was rolled out in 18 different countries. This meant that not only the app content had to be translated into 13 languages, but the marketing content, press releases and agreements as well. Later on, the website was also translated.

Trading with bots

You can trade like a professional with the BOTS app by RevenYOU. Bots are trading strategies that perform thousands of complex calculations within seconds and therefore are able to make trading decisions. Automated trading is accessible to everyone thanks to the BOTS app by RevenYOU.

Rollout in 18 countries

RevenYOU wanted to roll out this Dutch trading app in 18 different countries. To this end, the app had to be translated into 13 different languages. Not just the app content, but everything surrounding the app as well. All while using the right terms. The goal? A professionally translated app with corresponding content for 18 different countries. LinQuake translation services went to work!


Trading is not equally logical and easy for everyone. Translating the right terms was therefore done by financial specialists who at the same time ensured that the texts remained intelligible to the target group. The pay-offs and marketing content had to be translated as well, as intelligible and appealing as possible for laymen.

The process was easy, flawless and efficient.
- Maartje Weekers, Business Development at RevenYOU

Recurring translation workflow

We translated the app, the user agreements, several web pages, campaign material and video subtitles. We selected the best fitting translators for every sort of text and created a terminology database that was approved in consultation with RevenYOU. By using a weekly recurring translation workflow for the app, it’s easy for RevenYOU to keep delivering new content. When extracting all text from the app, the translation software instantly recognises all information that was adjusted or added. This saves a lot of time and costs. LinQuake passes the new/adjusted text on to the right translators, who have the necessary domain knowledge and know how to keep the texts understandable. By following this procedure, the app always stays up to date in all languages within two days.

Flawless and efficient

Maartje Weekers, Business Development at RevenYOU: “The process was easy, flawless and efficient. A plan was drawn up in advance containing the wishes, requirements and planning.” Due to the almost automated collaboration via the online platform in combination with dedicated project management, all content for the app for 18 countries was delivered quickly. The result? Maartje: “The BOTS app is now there in 13 languages, we have marketing content for 18 different countries, as well as soon a professionally translated website.”

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