Online store translation

In order to reach potential clients abroad using your online store, it is essential to have it translated. Good multilingual content and product descriptions in the languages of your potential clients are paramount if you wish to get your international target audience enthusiastic about your products.

Online shopping

In an online store or web store visitors can make purchases via the internet. One major advantage of an online store: it is open 24/7! Visitors can shop whenever they want from the comfort of their home. Easily pay the bill via an online payment method and your purchase will be shipped to you by mail, parcel service or email, depending on the type of product. One of the largest online stores in the Netherlands is, which began its activities in the Netherlands in 1999. According to the CBS (Statistics Netherlands) there were 7,100 online stores in the Netherlands at the start of 2010. By 2012 this number had rapidly increased to 16,400.

Translating your online store

As your online store is a part of the world wide web, the opportunity of taking it abroad quickly presents itself. Your potential clients are across the globe; all you have to do is reach them using your online store and your texts. As clients like to be addressed in their own language, you can reach your international target group by translating your online store in the language of your potential client. Translation agency LinQuake works with the latest translation technology as well as a large network of professional, experienced translators who possess a broad range of language, culture and domain knowledge. For every translation assignment we try to find the most suitable translators. They work on our online translation platform together with our project managers.

Translating products in an online store

Your products form the core of your online store. Therefore, it is likely that you want all or most product titles and descriptions to be translated. This might constitute an enormous amount of text. You have the option to have these product texts machine translated first to save time and costs. Afterwards a human translator can provide post-editing of the translated texts.

Translating the technical parts of an online store

Apart from the product texts, the buttons, fill-out forms and menus should also be translated. We can take care of all these website texts and will ensure properly translated output.

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Global SEO

A professional translation is important in order to convey your message, but it is often not quite enough to be ranked high by search engines such as Google. LinQuake can help you with global SEO in every language. We can conduct keyword research in the relevant languages and use the results to optimise the translated texts in your online store. That will make Google happy about your website! We will pay attention to elements such as:

  • Keywords and terms
  • Page titles
  • Meta description
  • Images and links

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File formats

We are able to translate more than 70 different file formats without altering the layout, making your document immediately ready for use in all languages. We will translate and deliver your Word document, PowerPoint presentation, InDesign file, or other complex product files in the same layout as the source file. The same applies to HTML files: we will translate these without altering the code. We will be pleased to help you check whether there is an easy way to export the texts from your online store. If there is, you will be able to import the translated online store texts by simply pressing one button.

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