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Does your organisation have a WordPress website and would you like to translate it or have it translated? You can do this in different ways. For example, WordPress has various plugins to effectively translate your website and to maintain it in multiple languages. We will tell you all about it!

What is WordPress?

WordPress is globally the most widely used content management system (CMS). It is an application that allows you to publish and maintain a website without needing extensive technical knowledge. WordPress was originally a blog system in which the latest blog posts were automatically shown on the website. By now, WordPress has grown into a fully-fledged CMS in which all sorts of websites can be built and managed.

Possibilities for your WordPress website

WordPress is open source software, so everyone can use it for free. Numerous paid and free functionalities (plugins) are available for expanding your WordPress website. There is also a selection of paid and free themes for your website. Moreover, WordPress is easy to use, which is one of the reasons why it is highly popular. One of the many functionalities is the easy maintenance of your website in multiple languages.

Translating and maintaining your WordPress website

In order to reach potential clients on the other side of the globe – or simply in your neighbouring country – it is important to provide your communication texts in their language. Nowadays your website might be your most important means of communication.

You have various options for translating your WordPress website. Of course, you can copy-paste your texts in a Word file and then have this file translated. However, WordPress has plugins available that enable you to translate your website a lot more efficiently and to maintain it in multiple languages. One of the most widely used translation plugins is WPML Multilingual CMS. With WPML you basically create new pages for each language, which are connected to one another.

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WPML is a paid plugin that allows you to set up and maintain your WordPress website in multiple languages relatively easily. You can buy this plugin for a small one-off fee. You can also opt for an annual subscription if you want to retain access to support. Also, plenty of information on the use of WPML can be found online. Most themes in WordPress are compatible with the WPML plugin. Besides, WPML is SEO friendly, which means that, for example, meta descriptions can also be translated.

Translating a WordPress website with WPML

WPML can be used in various ways. The plugin allows you to link your website to professional translators or a translation agency. This makes it easy to translate any new web page. A different way of translating your WordPress website is by downloading your web pages as .xliff files via WPML. You can then choose which parts of your website should be translated. LinQuake can translate these xliff files with preservation of code. The translated files can then be easily uploaded in WordPress again. With just a couple of clicks your translated webpage will be live!

Advantages of using WPML

Instead of copy-pasting your website texts in Word and then having them translated, you can save costs by choosing translation via WPML. We have listed a number of advantages:

  • A full website can contain a substantial amount of text. Copying the text, pasting it in a Word document and having it translated, and then copy-pasting it again takes a lot of time and is error-sensitive. It is quite possible that a sentence, paragraph or even an entire page is accidentally left out. The export and import function in WPML is easy to use and much faster, so you will not only save a lot of time, but also be able to keep a clear view of things.
  • The same goes for keeping your website up to date. With WPML you can easily and quickly have each new web page – or a downloaded xliff file – translated by an external professional, after which you can upload it again with the same ease. Copy-pasting the text takes much more time. This method also makes it more accessible to update the website in different languages.
  • If you choose LinQuake to translate your xliff file, we will do so in our online translation platform. We store every translation in a translation memory and we can determine fixed translations for professional and company-specific terms. This ensures that translations will be consistent and with the correct terminology.


Do you have a WordPress website that you would like to translate? In consultation with your website developer, LinQuake can have the plugin installed. The developer then stays in control of the back end of your website. Subsequently, we will carry out the translation. LinQuake can also take care of the entire process: fully implementing the WPML plugin, downloading the xliff files, translating them and uploading them on your website. Is there in-house technical knowledge available? Then, of course, you can also install and configure WPML yourself and send the xliff files to us. In short, we can work together with you on different levels and we would be happy to discuss the possibilities with you, without any obligations.

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