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SEO writing

Writing an attractive text certainly involves craftsmanship. In addition, a good text is extremely important for the optimal external findability. LinQuake helps you to write your SEO message so that Google can appreciate it too. This can be done in Dutch and English, as well as in many other languages. Optimal result for both the reader and the search engine.

Multilingual text writing

It’s been like this for a while, and it definitely won’t change in the years ahead: Content is King! In the battle for the highest positions in search engines, publishing relevant and readable texts is becoming increasingly important. We can help you to write your SEO texts in the correct way, so your clients and prospects can find your messages themselves and will genuinely read them. We can offer you this service in Dutch, but also in other languages, such as:

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Polish
  • And many other languages

With the help of our text writers, you can achieve search engine optimisation for your texts in every language. The basis of the text can be a translation, but we can also write web texts in specific languages. In this way, you can create unique content for your target groups in different countries.

Our text writers and you

For us, the key to maintaining our quality is personal contact. A good understanding is essential to be able to write a good text. Therefore, our project managers will first get in touch with you by phone, to get a clear picture of your requirements. If desired, we can also visit you in person to become further acquainted. Which style do you have in mind? Which keywords do you want to use? Which text type do you need? And of course: Who are you? As far as we are concerned, good SEO writing starts with good listening.

Addition to professional translation

LinQuake is ahead of the market when it comes to professional translation. One of our main goals is to find the most innovative solutions in producing multilingual content. In the years to come, we expect to see a development from translations to writing, i.e. the optimisation of texts that have been translated by a machine. In this way, you could access even more high quality content for the same investment.

Do you want to have unique content in another language?

  • Affinity with your industry

    We select the best copywriter for your product or service based on his or her background. If you have a technical product, we will select an SEO writer who has a technical background. For a website about financial services, we will select a copywriter who understands this industry. By selecting the ideal match in this way, we make all the difference.

  • A catchy meta description

    The meta description on your web pages will be the first thing any (potential) customer sees in the results presented by a search engine. It is a kind of written “elevator pitch”, which is crucial because it influences whether people are going to click on the link to your website or not. So it is very worthwhile to pay due attention to this. Writing a catchy meta description is an important aspect of SEO writing. This is the area in which the right attention for each language leads to the best result.

  • Keywords research

    In order to be found and appreciated, the subject of a web text must be clear to both the reader and the search engine. Therefore, it is a good idea to put in clear focal points in each text. Using a key word research, we will analyse which term is the most effective in all languages. In consultation with you, we will also determine which term is best used in texts about a specific subject. Finally, our SEO writers will use your key words as a basis to work with.

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