Chinese translation services

Depending on your specific demand, you might be needing translations for one or various language combinations with Chinese. As a professional provider of Chinese translation services, we have experience with many language combinations, among others:

  • Dutch-Chinese
  • Chinese-Dutch
  • English-Chinese
  • Chinese-English

We have experience in both simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese.

The combinations mentioned above are the most frequently requested language combinations from or to Chinese, but we also have experience with other combinations. Feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss the possibilities concerning your need.

Why choose our Chinese translation services?

China has the world’s fastest growing economy, and companies are realising more and more that this offers them a lot of opportunities to expand their activities. We are receiving an increasing number of requests for translations from and to Chinese. Professional translation from and to Chinese can be quite difficult, but your Chinese clients and partners expect you to communicate in their language. In addition, they appreciate it if someone addresses them in Chinese, and they value being able to communicate in their own language. We can be of service to you here.

Your advantages as a clients of Chinese translation agency LinQuake:

  • One contact point for all your translations from and to Chinese
  • Short lead times
  • Professional translation services by an ISO 17100 certified translation agency
  • Extensive experience with Chinese translations
  • Chinese experts in your field
  • Invoicing after delivery

With the LinQuake Quality Guarantee you will receive the quality you need. Our translators have profound knowledge of the Chinese language and culture, and are able to translate the meaning of your texts in the right way. Thanks to our growing network of professional Chinese translators, we are able to fit in with your organisation’s language.

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