Nooteboom Textiles

Nooteboom has been delivering textile for 165 years. In the meantime Nooteboom Textiles has become the largest textile wholesaler in Europe. The company wanted to make its online platform available in four extra languages for new visitors and customers. LinQuake helped to set it up, achieving measurable results.

Nooteboom operates worldwide from Tilburg

Nooteboom Textiles has its office in Tilburg (NL), but delivers their fabrics worldwide. Twice a year Nooteboom launches a new season collection including more than 450 articles in different colours and designs. The company works together with merchants, retailers and clothing companies. Since 2019 fabrics can be bought online as well.

Expanding the online platform

Nooteboom Textiles wanted to expand their English online platform with four extra languages to be more findable and visible for customers and potential customers in other countries. Boy Peters, E-commerce Manager at Nooteboom Textiles: “By offering our products in five languages, we hoped to reach more potential customers. We are also offering a higher level of service for our existing customers with our multilingual platform. Obviously the ultimate goal is to grow and expand our worldwide market share.” This required us to translate the English texts and product specifications efficiently to French, Dutch, German and Spanish.

“LinQuake's translations have considerably increased the amount of website visitors on our online platform.”
- Boy Peters, E-commerce Manager at Nooteboom Textiles


LinQuake translation services made a plan based on the wishes of Nooteboom. Because of the many different types of texts on the online platform – product specifications, appealing product descriptions, and everything in between – the translations are also handled differently. We chose the most suitable translation process for each text type and purpose to reach the desired result. We were able to deliver the translations of the texts and product features quickly and efficiently. “The communication with LinQuake went smoothly. LinQuake was interested in our business and came up with solutions. In addition, the online translation platform is easy to use for everyone”, says Boy.

Increase in website visitors and conversion

Boy: “LinQuake’s translations have considerably increased the amount of website visitors on our online platform. The conversion rate in the countries where the added languages are spoken has considerably increased. So concrete results!”

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