InDesign translation

Would you like to offer your brochure in the native language of your client or supplier? And has your brochure been created in the software programme InDesign? Simply submit your InDesign file for translation; the document layout will be preserved!

What is InDesign?

Brochures, magazines, flyers and other types of printed or digital publications are often created in the programme Adobe InDesign. This is also called desktop publishing (DTP). It is likely that your digital PDF publications have been created using InDesign. An InDesign file usually consists of several photos and/or images, texts, as well as different fonts and background colours. InDesign saves these different elements as an INDD file, which is then usually converted to a PDF file.

How to translate an InDesign file?

Would you like to share your leaflet with foreign clients or suppliers? You can! Submit your InDesign file for translation; it is easier than you might think. Rather than manually copy-pasting the brochure text in a Word file, having it translated and then incorporating it again in InDesign, you can also directly translate your InDesign file while preserving the layout. This takes significantly less time! All you have to do is export your INDD file as an IDML file (or ask us to do so) and then submit it for translation.

If you only have a PDF file at your disposal, please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Preserving the layout

Our translation software is able to extract the text to be translated from an IDML file and transfer it to our translation editor. Then our translators can get to work on translating the text. When the translation is finished, the translated text is directly transferred back into the IDML file. This ensures that the layout of the original file is retained.

One consideration: the translated text sometimes differs in length from the original text. As a result, some further editing work may be necessary. If you do not have an in-house DTP professional, we will be happy to edit the translated IDML file for you. In that case we will deliver the document to you in the correct layout and ready for use!

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