Rewriting web texts

Let us optimise your international website texts and get higher Google rankings in all languages! We will rewrite your web texts to ensure that you reach your international clients as efficiently as possible. By delivering high-quality optimised website texts, we ensure that your website ranks higher in search engines.

Recoup your website investment

Have you recently had your website texts written or translated, but has this not yielded the desired result yet? Is your website getting an insufficient amount of visitors? Or are people finding your website but do they quickly leave it again? Call in LinQuake to make sure your investment does not go to waste. Our language professionals will rewrite your website texts in order to make your website as effective as possible.

Keyword research and SEO

We can optimise your website for Google by means of SEO copywriting. This means that we will research suitable keywords and seamlessly integrate these into your web texts in order to make your website optimally findable on Google. Our SEO copywriters know how to rank high on Google by writing texts that read well and are not stuffed with unnecessarily repeated keywords.

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Rewriting web texts

During the process of rewriting your web texts, we also carry out a thorough language check. Not only do we correct any spelling and grammar mistakes, but we also determine the desired writing style in consultation with you. Examples of this include the form of address (formal or informal) and the common terminology and tone of voice used within your company.

When potential clients visit your website, it is important that you immediately make a professional impression. High-quality texts are essential in this respect, and we will take care of that for you. Moreover, we will make sure that your texts are appealing and have the right nuances in order to convince your clients of the quality of your products or services.

Rewriting in all languages

We offer a complete package for rewriting your texts. As previously mentioned, this includes a thorough language check combined with extensive keyword research. Thanks to our extensive network of freelance copywriters and translators, we not only perform these services in Dutch, but in all languages. We can rewrite your international web texts in English, German, Swedish, Danish, Spanish, French and more. To put it briefly, we are your go-to supplier for the optimisation of your entire website.

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